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Canada’s Wine and Grape Industry Contributes $11.57 Billion in Economic Impact to Canadian Economy

Wine Growers Can (WGC) and its partners have released the findings of the most comprehensive research study conducted on the Canadian wine and grape industry, which reveals that the economic impact of the Canadian grape wine industry has grown by over 70% to $11.57 billion over the period 2011-2019.

The Economic Impact of the Wine and Grape Industry in Canada is the most comprehensive study conducted on the Canadian wine and grape industry and aims to improve our understanding of how Canada’s wine and grape industry benefits our national economy. It examines the supply chain linkages, the income effects associated with people spending wages they earn, the fiscal implications for federal and provincial governments, and the effect of related income remittances from people who work in tourism, hospitality, etc., revealing a prosperous and expanding $11.57 billion-dollar industry in 2019.

Commissioned by Wine Growers CanadaWine Growers OntarioWine Growers British Columbia, and Wine Growers Nova Scotia, the report entitled Canada’s Wine Economy – Growth and Innovation Through Global Challenges illustrates the magnitude of the Canadian grape and wine industry’s contribution to the overall Canadian economy.

Click here to download a copy of the August 2022 Economic Impact Study

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