At Wine Growers of Canada, we are working tirelessly on special initiatives to grow opportunities, access new markets, and enhance the quality of Canadian wine.

We recognize the immense opportunity for Canadian wine in global markets and the need to continuously grow the craftsmanship and quality of Canadian wine here at home. Our initiatives support these essential goals and aim to grow our industry and all the good it provides for Canadians. Learn more about our initiatives:

Safety & Standards

The production and sale of both quality and safe products is a key goal for Canadian wine producers. WGC and its members strive to support continual improvement in both products and processes to ensure the highest level of wine quality and wine safety.

Social Responsibility

Our industry aims for the highest standards of social responsibility—and we are committed to making life better for Canadians and the communities where we all live.

Market Access

The WGC strives to support the reduction of domestic and international barriers to trade to support the success of Canada’s wine industry in a market free of trade-distorting factors.

International Development

We have a vision of Canada becoming globally recognized as one of the world’s finest producers of premium cool-climate wines. Here’s how we are working to get there.

International Collaboration

WGC supports and is a proud partner in promoting social responsibility, education, knowledge, and information in support of the Canadian wine industry.

International Trade Opportunities

Learn about upcoming international trade opportunities for Canadian wines.

Trade & International Agreements

Our industry’s global opportunities are governed and supported by a variety of trade agreements.

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