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We are the voice of the Canadian wine industry—and together, our membership represents great diversity and incomparable craftsmanship of Canadian wine-making.

Learn more about the benefits of being a member of WGC, the member wineries we are proud to represent on the national stage, and the impact and work of our industry and our members.

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It is crucial that the Canadian wine industry has a strong, unified voice, to ensure continued prosperity and build greater opportunities for all wineries across the country. As a WGC member, your winery business will also receive benefits that will allow you to become more competitive.

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Our members are leaders in Canadian wine-making. Learn more about the incredible craftsmanship of Canadian wine-makers.

Sustainable Practices

The Canadian wine industry is entirely dependent on natural resources for its solar energy, climate, water, soils and the successful integration of all these elements. Protection and enhancement of these natural assets through sustainable practices are an imperative. The goals of sustainability include a desire to improve environmental performance, improve the quality of wine growing and winemaking in an environmentally responsive manner, provide information to consumers and add value to our industry and our community.

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Wine Growers of Canada has a joint venture with Spirits Canada which provides WGC members access to heavily reduced rates for monthly, annual and average provincial and national wine sales data. Learn more by clicking above.

Grocery Sales Channel

Grocery has been an important sales channel for alcohol in some Canadian provinces for many years, while others have just recently allowed the sale of alcohol through this channel, or are considering it. In 2015 and in 2016, British Columbia and Ontario respectively announced they would allow the sale of alcohol through grocery stores. Given this recent change, it is important our members are familiar with the rules and regulations around sales via the grocery channel.

Economic Impact

The Economic Impact of the Wine and Grape Industry in Canada is the most comprehensive study conducted on the Canadian wine and grape industry and aims to improve our understanding of how Canada’s wine and grape industry benefits our national and regional economies.

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