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Our Canadian industry is a rising star in the global wine scene, Canada’s ultimate sustainable farm-to-table sector with award-winning craftsmanship Canadians can be proud of. Here’s just a taste of our success and impact.

Canada’s Wine Industry in the World


Global wine production is 26.7 billion litres of which Canada represents 0.3% (100% Canadian/VQA)


Global wine export value is $37.0 billion of which Canada represents 0.1% (100% Canadian/VQA)


Global wine export volume is 12.1 billion litres of which Canada represents 0.02% (100% Canadian/VQA)


Globally, top 5 wine exporters by value are France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Chile. Canada is ranked 35th in world in export value (100% Canadian/VQA).

Exports of Canadian Bottled Wine

  • In 2019, Canadian bottled wine exports totaled 1.5 million litres, valued at $32.1 million
  • The top 5 bottled wine export markets by value are China, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, representing 85.1% of export value and 87.3% of export volume

Canadian Bottled Wine Exports – 5 years 2015-2019 (Excel)

Exports of Canadian Icewine

  • Canada is the world’s largest consistent producer of Icewine, with annual harvest temperatures dropping to ‐8C and colder
  • In 2019, Icewine represented 58.4% of total export value ($18.7 million) and 13.3% of export volume (205,398 litres), as a percentage of total bottled exports

Canadian Icewine Exports – 5 years 2015-2019 (Excel)

Imports of Bottled Wine to Canada

  • Volume of imported bottled wine in 2019 totaled 299.6 million litres, valued at $2.4 billion
  • The top 5 import markets in 2019 were France, Italy, the United States, Australia and Spain, representing 79.7% of import value and 74.8% import volume

Imports of Bottled Wine to Canada – 5 years 2015-2019 (Excel)

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