October 5, 2020, Ottawa, ON — Wine Growers Canada has launched its Code for Responsible Advertising and Marketing Practices (WGC Code), a new statement of principles and best practices that demonstrate our members’ continued commitment to responsibility.

The WGC Code applies to all Wine Growers Canada member activities and will enable our membership to deliver on their promotional goals and meet the highest standards of responsible marketing and advertising.

Wine is an adult beverage, an important part of Canadian culture, and a growing part of Canada’s value-added agri-food success. As vintners responsible for more than 90 percent of wine produced and sold in Canada, Wine Growers Canada members will ensure that all commercial communication is carried out in a socially responsible manner in both traditional and digital media, and adhere to the WGC Code.

In a world where messaging is rapidly changing and consumer information channels are evolving, the Canadian wine industry is proud to undertake marketing and advertising of wine in a way that exhibits the highest ethical standards and demonstrates social responsibility as a core value of the industry.

With the implementation of the WGC Code, Wine Growers Canada continues to deliver a message of social responsibility to its members in compliance with our commitments to convey not only the highest ethical standards in wine advertising and marketing, but also the importance of moderation and the reduction of harmful alcohol consumption,” said Wine Growers Canada President & CEO, Dan Paszkowski.

Wine Growers Canada will continue to work with industry partners to be part of a solution to combat harmful drinking, such as our membership in the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing harmful consumption and promoting responsible drinking.


Wine Growers Canada’s Code for Responsible Advertising and Marketing Practices is available for download here.


Asha Hingorani
Director, Government and Public Affairs
Wine Growers Canada